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Upcoming Works
Cura                                  Saturday   September 12th, 2020  

Oração, Cura I & II, Cruzerinho 

Blue Farda             Setup 5:00     Start 7:00 


The Cura is a healing work. It is common to sing from the collections known as  Cura I and Cura II. These are powerful hymns in which spiritual entities are called upon to assist those in need of healing and support.

Traditionally when a member of the community is in need of a healing, there is a Cura gathering for them but we also sometimes hold a Cura for everyone who is in need of healing and ourselves.

The Cura gives us the opportunity to do our healing but more importantly to be of service so that others may do their healing. 

Fardados/Fardadas wear Blue Farda. Everyone else wears white.

We begin set up at 5:00pm for an on time start at 7:00pm.

Email communications@ceudasaguias.com to request location and any important information and to RSVP for this work.