" Ceu das Aguias - Concentration
Upcoming Works
Four Hour Concentration           

Oração, Concentration Hymns, Cruzerinho 

Blue Farda             Setup 6:00     Start 7:00 

The concentrations form the backbone of our Daime study. We try to hold at least one or two a month. We endeavor to start precisely at 7:00 and be closing the work by 11:00.

The Daime is served and everyone goes to their assigned places ordered in the lines by their height. (men on the left of the commander and women on the right). Mestre's decree and the consecration of the space are read. Then the Oração is sung followed by the first concentration period. We will then sing the concentration hymns followed by a second concentration period. We finish up with the Cruzerinho and closing prayers.

Fardados/Fardadas wear Blue Farda. Everyone else wears white.

We begin set up at 6:00pm for an on time start at 7:00pm.

Email communications@ceudasaguias.com to request more information about upcoming concentrations. 


If you would like to deepen your study, some of the history and evolution of the concentration can be found on www.afamiliajuramidam.org