Upcoming Works
Mestre's Birthday                Saturday, December 12th, 2020

Padrinho Sebastião and Ben's hinario, divercoes and cruzerinho

White Farda                Setup 5:00     Start 7:00 


Today we celebrate the birthday of our founder Mestre Irineu Serra by singing the 2nd half of Padrinho Sebastião's hinario.

It will be a deep work full of love and healing and I hope to see you there.

 To support your healing process, please bring a yoga mat, a pillow and a blanket if you think you may be laying down. Please bring food to share afterwards.

If you would like to help us prepare the space for the work, we would greatly appreciate it!  We will begin setting up a 5:00pm for an on time start at 7:00pm.


Fardados will wear white Farda. Everyone else will wear white.
Email communications@ceudasaguias.com to request more information about this work.